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Bing Limousine and Garage


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This set was produced by Bing in Germany in the late teens, and is in all original good working condition. Usually the garage sets show up as a two vehicle set with a ;larger garage, but this a a little more unusual set with a single car and smaller building.  The Limo is 5″ long and has a strong clockwork motor and steerable front wheels. The lithographed finish is good, with some wear, but very little oxidation. The light tin body is complete with very little bending or damage. The garage is constructed of lithographed tin and is 6.6″ ling and 4.25″ wide. The finish is original and it is complete right down to the door latch. There is ripples in the tin and it appears that the roof was depressed a little at one time and then popped back up. There is a little oxidation on the underside of the base and a couple of spots inside one door. All in all, a very nice set for a nearly 100 year old tin toy.

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