CIJ Clockwork Renault LeFregate


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This is the large CIJ Renault produced in France in the early 1950’s. This car is seldom seen, especially in this condition, with the original box. The car is 12″ long and is powered powered by a clockwork motor that is working. It is complete and original and in exceptional condition. There is absolutely no rust or damage of any kind. The only wear is on the hand painted pin striping on the body. The driver side door opens and the front wheels are steerable with a lever on the bottom. There is a battery powered headlight system, but the battery type is unknown and this function untested. That being said, the electrical system looks complete and perfect. The original box is complete with shelf wear. The only lable is the toy description on the end. There is a key included, but it is unkown if it is the original.

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