Nylco Product Walt Disney Cement Truck


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Now here is an unusual toy truck. Try as I might I have not been able to find out any specific information on the vehicle. I have seen other Nylco cement trucks with graphics on the cylinder, but no other Mickey Mouse or Disney character examples. The truck itself is of wood construction and is 13.5″ long. The cab graphics are lithographed paper and are present on the front and driver side. The 6″ long metal cylinder is covered with gorgeous, bright Disney graphics that are in excellent condition. I see no reason to suspect that they are not original because of the quality of the application, and that Nylco used similar graphics on other cement trucks. The original design had a band around the rear axle that extended up to the cylinder to make it turn when the vehicle was pushed. The band is gone, but easily replaced. There is small gravel or some related material in the cylinder that makes noise when it is turning. Am unusual piece for the Disney collector.

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